Lasting benefits.

  • Safety comes first. Concrete is reflective, keeping drivers and pedestrians safer at night.

  • Reduce your environmental footprint. Concrete is produced from natural resources, reduces toxic run-off and can be easily recycled.

  • Maintenance-free design. Concrete lasts longer with little need for resurfacing, patching or surface sealing.

  • It’s all about appearances. Concrete’s clean look creates a good first impression and lasting sense of quality for customers, tenants and employees.

“If you look at the long-term durability issues with concrete, and realize the maintenance is going to be minimal, that in itself is a dollar savings for the owner.”

Jon Hansen
Senior Vice President - Local Paving


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We could go on all day about the many benefits of concrete. Why not see for yourself? Find out how designers and contractors are paving ahead with concrete.

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Check out these resources for engineers and owners. We’ve also got your frequently asked questions covered and some extra guidance on concrete’s reflectivity.