Lasting benefits.

Initial Cost. A properly designed and constructed concrete trail is very cost competitive. When budgeting for trail construction, remember that it costs less to build it right than to pay for repairs later.


Durability. Concrete offers long-term durability, even in harsh environments and challenging conditions. Of all your paving material choices, only concrete has the strength and durability to last 30 years or more!
Ease of Construction. Concrete trails can be placed directly on compacted subgrade and require no steel reinforcement, saving both time and money during construction. Life-Cycle Value. Due to its strength and rigidity, a concrete trail requires fewer repairs than other pavements throughout its service life, resulting in reduced maintenance requirements and significantly lower life-cycle costs.

"Hundreds of miles of concrete trails, constructed over the last 30 years, is proof-positive of the long-lasting value of a concrete trail.  If a hard surface recreational trail is in your future, you owe it to yourself to look at the benefits of cost, construction, and long term reduced maintenance that only can come with a trail paved with concrete."

Jon Hansen
Senior Vice President - Local Paving


Guide to Concrete Trails

Developed by the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center, the Guide to Concrete Trails provides guidance to design professionals, decision makers, practitioners and public agencies on the design, construction and maintenance of concrete trails and paths.

Trails Guide
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