Lasting benefits.

  • The longest life-cycle. Across the country, concrete roadways that were designed to last 20 years have instead lasted 50 years or more with minimal repairs.

  • Long-term savings. Concrete has the lowest total ownership cost and requires less maintenance than asphalt.

  • Breathe new life into existing systems. Concrete overlays help preserve and rehabilitate existing systems such as distressed asphalt or composite pavements.

  • A greener solution Concrete is 100% recyclable and reusable. Among its many uses, it can be employed as aggregate in new concrete pavements or as base material for new roadways.

“For the designers, whether they are an architect, an engineer or a geotechnical engineer, our report provides very detailed information regarding the different aspects of the design. We start at the existing subgrade, then we go through the thickness and all of the other details that go into a concrete design.”

Amanda Hult, P.E.
Senior Director - Local Paving


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