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  • Don Clem, P.E.
    Vice President, Local Paving
  • “One of our jobs is to make sure owners understand that there are various options for their parking lots.”
Don A. Clem is responsible for implementing strategies that increase the use of ready mixed concrete in pavements for parking lots, streets and local roads, and other applications.Clem is based in the Denver area and is responsible for the Rocky Mountain Northwest region. He works with local, regional and state technical and promotion partners to help deliver concrete parking lot and street paving projects by supporting promotion, design and construction activities as well as provide training and presentations on concrete applications and promotion.Prior to joining NRMCA, Clem was executive director of the Portland Cement Association's (PCA) Rocky Mountain and Northwest Regions. Before joining PCA, Clem was a vice president – marketing and governmental affairs – Midwest Region for NRMCA Producer member CEMEX, and the marketing engineer for the Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Association.